Analysis of the Al-Ahly vs Al-Shabab match in the Saudi League


Analyse du match Al-Ahly contre Al-Shabab en Ligue Saoudienne

A strong match, like a Saudi derby on Saudi stadiums, bringing together the two strongest Saudi clubs, namely Al-Ahly against Al-Shabab. The difference between them is big in the ranking of the Saudi rankings, but it should not be forgotten. Club Al-Shabab is one of the strongest clubs that plays against adults seriously and always seeks to win, while Club Al-Ahly considers the match to be only three points. Nobody wants a draw or a loss in this match. want a victory to increase their score to continue in third place behind Al Hilal and Al Nasr and guarantee a place in the AFC Champions League next season.

As for Al-Shabab Club, it is in ninth place, having played 30 matches, winning 11 matches, drawing 8 matches, and losing 11 matches as well, which made it lose a lot of points and fall to 11th place in the league standings. In the event of a victory today over Al-Ahly Club, it will raise its score to 47 points, which makes it It is slightly ahead in the league standings, but Al-Shabab Club seeks to reconcile with the fans by winning all its remaining matches. As for Al-Ahly Club, it is in third place, having played 30 matches and today its 31st match, obtaining a score of 55 points. In the event of a victory over Al-Shabab Club, its score will rise to 58 points and strengthen its control over the league. Third place in the Saudi League.

Meeting information
Saudi Premier League
Week 31
going match
Al-Ahly Saudi 0-0 Al-Shabab
Match stadium
Prince Faisal bin Fahd Stadium (Al-Malaz)
the channel
SSC Extra 1 HD
Mishary Al-Qarni
SSC Extra 1 HD
Medhat Shalabi
SSC Extra 1 SD
Abdul Aziz Al-Zaid
Shahid – Shahid VIP
Mishary Al-Qarni
Match time
Match history
Saturday 05-11-2024

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